Status Report – Details


That’s been a while, again..  We’re still here and keep working on things but really we’re down to details and progress is pretty slow.  We got baseboard and more trim, all fir and all of it needing a few coats of Benite and polyurethane so it takes a bit of time to get it ready.  We also built our garden boxes to start growing our own veggies, wish us luck on that one..  Otherwise, we’re slowly working on details like lighting, shelving and other things that make a house a home 🙂

We’re also making sure to find time to enjoy the spring weather and sunsets in nearby Golden Gardens!

On to pictures, all taken with our 35mm manual focus “oldie” lens, enjoy!


Update – Long Overdue!

Wow, over a month with no posting, guess we were hit with some renovation fatigue..  We didn’t do that much over the Holidays and slowly started picking things up again in January.  Mostly finishing trim, cleaning up, unpacking, organizing and cleaning up some more.. Continue reading



Just a quick one, we’ve been taking some time to enjoy our home as opposed to building it 🙂  We found out that we like our kitchen, a lot!  And that the house makes a great home!

Oh yeah, we also got doors, shiny new colorful barn doors!   Continue reading


Status – Week 10/11

Another bi-weekly post.  We haven’t been super-busy at the house since the drywallers have taken over and we’re just waiting for them to finish but we did have to move out of our rental and since Dibble isn’t move-in ready, we had to find another temporary place.. Continue reading


Status – Week 8/9

Well, it looks like we’re not going to keep up on our weekly updates so this will be a (quick) summary of the activities of the past 10 days or so.  First and foremost, we have completed insulation which only took a day and have started sheetrock! Continue reading


Status – Week 5

Lots of progress this week! I was getting worried about holding up Mike’s progress and wanted to make sure we can start insulation and sheetrock next week so I got some help from a plumber and electrician to get everything roughed in and up to code.

Continue reading