Status – Week 5

Lots of progress this week! I was getting worried about holding up Mike’s progress and wanted to make sure we can start insulation and sheetrock next week so I got some help from a plumber and electrician to get everything roughed in and up to code.

On the plumbing side, I needed help mostly with the lay-out of drains and vents.  I spent a couple of hours with Chauncey, master plumber, and before long we had this together:

That’s the new main sewer with drains from the various fixtures as well as a vent line going back out through the attic.

This is the remaining part of the old sewer, it seems to be sloped the wrong way:

I spent a good amount of time down in the crawlspace and since we have to be there a lot and we’re also reinforcing the foundation, we decided to hire a few guys from “Casa Latina“. They are a local non-profit organization that helps Latino immigrants integrate into the community and provides affordable day labor.

They dug out the crawlspace so that there is a good 2 ft. of clearance for access to the whole space:

On the outside, the roof was completed!

Nice and straight 🙂

Mike made a little ceremony out of “christening” the roof, house and the occupants:

After all that, and after hiring an electrician for next week, I thought it was a good time to take Saturday off to head off to the Leavenworth Octoberfest with friends/colleagues.  It’s a good thing I grew up in a small town in Holland, we like party-tents 🙂

It was getting cold there!  Beautiful mornings though, fresh air 🙂

Back in Seattle, after the Best Summer Ever, Fall is finally here…

See you next week!


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