Status – Week 10/11

Another bi-weekly post.  We haven’t been super-busy at the house since the drywallers have taken over and we’re just waiting for them to finish but we did have to move out of our rental and since Dibble isn’t move-in ready, we had to find another temporary place..

We found a pretty neat website, AirBnB, with a ton of local (and national/international) highly rentals.  It’s not the cheapest option, but at least we could get all our stuff stored in a PODS container and just move over with the bare essentials.  And we got a great deal on a place that let us keep Libby with us and is only 3 blocks from our house!

Now, back to the progress for the past week or 2.  As I said, the drywallers took over for a while and they just finished this week.  They took a little long, but the results are worth it, it looks smooth, straight and sleek which isn’t easy considering the slopes and angles of our old home..

This is the view from living through hallway and through bedroom to the window

And this is the other way around

In the bathroom, Mike’s business partner Jon has been working away getting the floor heat installed.  We went with SunTouch even though I was initially set on Warmly Yours because of their higher rated amperage which would mean a quicker warm up time.  We decided we really wanted the floor heat to extend into our shower though since we won’t have a tub or a shower basin.  The SunTouch wire products is one of the few that is rated for wet spaces so we went with their kit.  We ordered a roll for 60 square feet which turned out to be too long (even with the spacing at the minimum 2″), but that gave us the opportunity to run it up the bench and back wall so now that’ll be heated too 🙂

We’re also making kitchen progress!  We spent last Saturday at Ikea and bought all our cabinets, it wasn’t nearly as confusing or frustrating as our first experience there a few years ago, we’re becoming pro’s!  We spent Thanksgiving putting them together, it went really quick and by late afternoon we had the main cabinets together and roughly in place.

From this

To this

Not bad, can’t wait to get some counters on and appliances in place, all next week (fingers crossed!).

Today was flooring day, we had a crew recommended by Mike to put down our cork tiles.  First we had to sand down the existing wood floors (don’t worry, they are not original to the house and there were a few different kinds throughout the house).  This was done to create a better surface to adhere the cork too, the glue does not stick very well to a finished subfloor.

Then we started laying the tiles in the living room.  They used their own glue product and I think that probably isn’t the best product for the job.  The results are OK and I’m sure it’ll look better once they roll the floors with a 100 lb roller but the seams between the tiles are pretty noticeable and the glue is coming through the seams in some spots.  On Monday they will come back with the recommended glue for the cork tiles and I hope it will go on a little smoother..  Still, it looks great already and I think the color will work really well with the rest of the house.

We also put down the floor in the mud/laundry room.  We went with a nice bright yellow rubber floor tile which should work pretty well for this space.  It went down easy with just a rubber mallet and cuts easy as well.

That’s it for now, we’re getting ready for a mad dash this week to get the house livable and get water and electricity back in service so we can move in.  We’re hoping to move the weekend of December 1, if all goes well the next update will be written from Dibble!


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