Update – Long Overdue!

Wow, over a month with no posting, guess we were hit with some renovation fatigue..  We didn’t do that much over the Holidays and slowly started picking things up again in January.  Mostly finishing trim, cleaning up, unpacking, organizing and cleaning up some more.. Continue reading


Status – Week 14

Since most of the significant and messy work is done, this is now more of an update on how the different rooms and spaces are slowly being finished.  This week, for obvious reasons, the focus was on kitchen and bath.  Mike got going on the maple counter and sink cut-out while Jon kept going on the final tiles in the bathroom. Continue reading

Status – Week 4

Whew, time flies when you’re keeping busy!  A lot has happened since our last posts, but in all honesty there is not a lot that makes for interesting visual progress..  As we mentioned in our previous post, Mike is spending a good amount of time trying to line up the perfectly level and plane new frames with the not-so-perfect existing structure. Without going into too much detail, a lot of it ultimately comes down to, lots of shimming, compromising, a little give and take, and that is something we expected with a house of this age, it’s “quirky” 🙂

Continue reading