Update – Long Overdue!

Wow, over a month with no posting, guess we were hit with some renovation fatigue..  We didn’t do that much over the Holidays and slowly started picking things up again in January.  Mostly finishing trim, cleaning up, unpacking, organizing and cleaning up some more..

We’re still not done, not by a long shot but the home lives very comfortable.  We’re very happy with most of the choices we made – the jury is still out on the cork floors, they are super comfy but scratch easy (dogs!) and show every single hair that falls off Libby which is driving us (well, Melissa mostly) crazy..  But we’ll make it work!

Some pics of how things are these days to give an impression (excuse the mess, I just wanted to take a few quick pictures with the new/used fisheye that I traded recently):

From dining looking back:

Closer up to kitchen:



Hall (better view of barn doors into bath and bedrooms):

So the most obvious missing items are baseboard, light fixtures, some window trim and furniture items (we need shelves and a desk badly!).  We’re getting to those things slowly, our finances have taken a pretty good hit with the last few weeks of work so we need to prioritize over the next few weeks/months to fit the budget.  We’ll get there 🙂

I’ll follow this post with another snapshot post shortly, we’ve had some time to enjoy our city and take our camera along again recently!


One thought on “Update – Long Overdue!

  1. Hello klussers, i am glad that can take some time to get down and think about the progress in a less rushier way. So far everything looks pretty good and also very modern. You managed to get all kind of new Stuff which can help you both enjoying your home for the next couple of 40? Years. Yes, the cork is a little minor point. What about taking it out when you cannot take it anymore and finish tge old wooden floor underneath? From Veno with love. Pama xxxu

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