This is cool stuff, so it deserves its own post ūüôā

When we in the design phase and talked about the addition and matching the existing roof line, Mike opted for prefabricated roof trusses to keep framing labor/material and thus cost down (this was also a pre-requisite for getting a STFI permit, another cost (and time) saver!).

Well today, they arrived…¬† Continue reading


Status – Week 3

Yes, we’re skipping a week and going straight to week 3! ¬†Framing started in week 2 and is continuing at a great pace, Mike and his merry companions (Jon and Eduardo) are hammering like men possessed and for good reason because trusses are arriving this week! Continue reading

Snapshot – Camping!

Not much progress on our end this week, I ended up straining my knee or hamstring or both during our adventure in the attic so decided to take it easy (and we should have enough time to finish our part before the contractors are done anyway).

Since the weather here in Seattle has been awesome for the past 2 months and we know it’s just a matter of time before the big grey clouds come rolling in, we decided to go out for a quick camping trip and enjoy the last sunny days! Continue reading

Status – Week 1

Work on the outside continued at a good pace this past week, excavation was completed (and inspection for groundwork passed – yay!) and concrete for the addition was poured. ¬†It gives a much better perspective as to the space we’re gaining and helps to visualize the end goal (although we try to think one week ahead at most). ¬†Teardown of the existing outer walls is now beginning as can be seen in the last picture although we will keep the shell of the house “intact” for as long as we can to keep out weather and/or unwelcome guests. Continue reading

The Design!

Our home has a very small footprint (as do most homes in this area) which we like for various reasons, but at the same time functionality goes a long way and it definitely needed a bit of help in that department.

After playing with some initial thoughts to reconfigure the interior to make spaces more open and cohesive, we quickly decided that that was not going to work for us and so we decided to talk to some contractors and design-build firms to see what the options would be to build out the back part of the house. Continue reading