Status – Week 12/13; Moved!

Well, we moved! It was a madhouse, as expected, and really we should have waited another week but that would mean more rent, another month on our PODS rental and just more hassle so we figured we’d rough it out for a while..

And when we say roughing it, we’re not kidding!

Yeah, that was our bathroom for a few days.  We had running water (hot and cold, yay!) and a working toilet but there’s definitely a few things missing still..

But let’s backtrack a little bit.  At the last blog post, we had the flooring guys at work to get the cork down.  That went pretty smooth once they had the right adhesive (Wakol D3540) which adheres the tile right away.  The glue they used before didn’t adhere so well at first so that means the cork can expand a little and the edges can come up because the glue is not strong enough yet.  This happened to some of our tiles in the living room and, while it’s not that noticeable and will probably be covered by a rug, it is still a little disappointing.

Anyhow, when the flooring was all completed, we wanted to refinish the cork with another two layers of polyurethane finish to improve water and scratch resistance.  We chose Vermont Natural Coating, a poly whey product that is very friendly to curious dogs and people so we figured it would be a good fit.  We applied the first coat on Saturday evening, then came back at 11 that night to do the second coat and found it wasn’t dry so that meant a very early start on Sunday to get the second coat on before we could get back to work on other things.  The second coat dried quicker with the help of some forced ventilation and when it all dried the finish was definitely smoother and more even than before (although the seams will always be visible).

The rest of the weekend was mainly spent on hooking up electrical, we have very little pictures of the work we did, it was just too busy and really it wasn’t all that interesting.  So we can jump straight to the pictures of how things are now.  If you’re expecting fancy Dwell-quality pictures, this’ll be disappointing…

Mud/Laundry Room

New super-efficient heat pump water heater


Living (our sanctuary and only work-free area outside of the bedroom!)


So yeah, still LOTS to do before we’re done!  It’s still a bit of a mess, but you know, we love it and it already feels like home 🙂

Happy Holidays – we hope to still get a tree up next week!


1 thought on “Status – Week 12/13; Moved!

  1. Waaauh, awsome. Everything is looking very nice, new and modern. Chapeau!!! Pap en mam. (misschien als je weer tijd en zin hebt een tweecomponentenlak over de vloer?)

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