Status – Week 7

We passed cover inspections!  It took long hours and several last-minute, late night fixes but we passed with minimal remarks!  That meant Mike could get his framing inspection done which we passed as well and now we are eagerly looking forward to insulation and sheetrock next week.  We hope that will go quick because we got word from our landlord that we need to be out of our rental by November 15th.  That was our initial goal anyway but with the delays due to plumbing/electrical and just the overall project scope, it will be tight, probably too tight and we may have to move in with just the walls and floors in place and a lot of outstanding work..  Either way, we should be fine but it’s just an extra hassle we don’t really need.

Anyway, on to progress pictures!

On the outside, siding is taking shape.  We will leave it with just primer for now and we’ll probably paint the whole exterior next spring.

The vertical strip will have a corrugated metal accent, to keep in line with our modern interior 😉

All the living room beams are done and are looking great!

Despite working long hours, there is always time for a training session for the pups (the little Boston Terrier is Clover, we’re looking after her for a while)

I didn’t take that many pictures the past week so I’ll keep it short.  Fingers crossed sheetrock will go up quick this week!



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