Status – Week 6 + Windows!

The big news this week is that the windows arrived!  A lot more is going on in a mad dash to get ready for framing inspection, insulation and sheetrock.  This could turn into a long post…

Let’s start with the windows.  We had to make some budget-conscious decisions on these but ultimately we really weren’t thrilled with the vinyl options that we looked at (which are the most affordable) and found great Milgard windows which are fir on the inside and fiberglass on the exterior.  They look great (and will tie in great with the rest of the color choices we’re making) and the exterior fiberglass should be just about maintenance-free.  Win!

You can see the bedroom window from the hallway here, the idea is that we’ll have a glass pane in the wall separating the space to provide a visual connection to the backyard and let light into the living spaces.

In other exterior news, the garage had the last concrete pour finished.

The interior already has a brand new shiny concrete foundation and so we added a couple of feet to the outside which eventually will be covered and we’ll make that into a patio of sorts.

We also poured extra concrete on the alley side, just to reinforce the foundation and clean up the whole look of it.

Inside the house, we’ve been working long hours.  We’re (still) working on plumbing and electrical, mainly electrical these days which is turning out to be a lot more work than expected.  Run a few wires, sure! Get everything up to code with an outlet every 6 feet, GFCI’s, separate circuits, whips, branches and loops, not quite as easy..  We hired some qualified labor to help us out, it would just take too long otherwise.  30 or so billable hours later, we are getting close to being ready for first inspection…

We take comfort in knowing that everything is done right and the electrical systems are safe and won’t set our house on fire (which is something that can’t be said of what was there before we started..).  We also like that we can now center everything and I get to play with lasers, which is always fun 🙂

Melissa is keeping busy sanding the joists in the living room, they turned out great!  We have the first coats of Benite and Polyurethane finish on and they should be done soon!

Libby is supervising and keeping an eye on workplace safety.

Hard work needs a break sometimes.

Long days, just a few more and we can get inspections signed off and take a welcome break while Mike gets his insulation and sheetrock done!


3 thoughts on “Status – Week 6 + Windows!

  1. Waw, we are v ery impressed by the way our two sons, without any carpenter or plumber or electrician experience, are rebuilding their own dreamhouse. But with help from friends and in your case Mike and his crew we see lots of progress. For you even without the help of your father, who for Armand, helps with painting doors, shelves, etc., etc.
    We wish you lots of success esecially during inspection time and hope to have a quick in the next coming days. Gr.k&aai van het thuisfront. Pap en mam

  2. Ha klussers!!! Hoe gaat het daar met de verbouwing? Wij hoorden van pa en ma, dat de verhuurders het huurcontract opgezegd hebben? Nu was volgens mij oorspronkelijk de planning, dat jullie half november zouden verhuizen. Wanneer moet je nu verhuizen? En gaat dat allemaal lukken? Bij ons zijn het ook drukke tijden. We liggen wel op schema, maar het is flink aanpoten! We hebben flink hulp van pa en ook nog van julian , Erik, Herman en Jan. Komende week ben ik vrij en patries ook grotendeels. Deze week moeten we meters maken. Slaapkamers klaarmaken, de badkamer is binnen, dus die kan gemonteerd worden en savonds met Julian de balken aan het plafond bevestigen. Succes met de verbouwing en als we allebei in rustiger vaarwater zitten, moeten we maar weer eens bijdragen via skype.

    • Ha kerel! Ja, hier wordt het ook krap en begint de tijd te dringen. We richten ons nog steeds op 15 November maar hebben nu dus geen vangnet meer.. Komende week gaat de isolatie erin en dan kunnen de binnenmuren afgewerkt worden. Als dat redelijk vlot gaat, kan de vloer er direct daarna in en dan hopen we de badkamer grotendeels klaar te krijgen voor we verhuizen. Keuken en schilderen, etc. zit er niet in dus dat moet gebeuren als we er wonen.
      Al met al niet geweldig maar we hebben weinig keus dus kijken we wel hoe ver we komen in de volgende paar weken, we hebben inmiddels aardig kampeer-ervaring dus we overleven het wel 🙂

      Jullie ook veel succes met de rest en inderdaad binnenkort (na de verhuizingen) praten we wel weer eens bij!

      Gr. MML

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