Status – Week 3

Yes, we’re skipping a week and going straight to week 3!  Framing started in week 2 and is continuing at a great pace, Mike and his merry companions (Jon and Eduardo) are hammering like men possessed and for good reason because trusses are arriving this week!

On the inside, we took out the ceiling in the living room.  Another fun job…  Because we had to consider minimal damage to surrounding walls and we also want to separate the waste materials where we can, we started taking down the plaster first and once that was done and we cleaned up the mess, we took down the lath leaving just the ceiling joists in place.

We also took down the rest of the bathroom walls to make the job of re-plumbing a lot easier.  This is important because we’re doing that ourselves to keep cost down (we did get permits however and will have our work inspected).

And lastly, the walls between dining/living/kitchen are now gone giving us a much better idea of what the final space will feel like.  It makes such a huge difference opening the space up, we’re very happy with how this is turning out!  The beam in this picture will be covered by sheetrock, but Mike found an awesome reclaimed fir beam that will be used in the kitchen where the wall used to be and we’ll leave that exposed!

So that’s where we’re at, stay tuned for trusses!


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