Status – Week 1

Work on the outside continued at a good pace this past week, excavation was completed (and inspection for groundwork passed – yay!) and concrete for the addition was poured.  It gives a much better perspective as to the space we’re gaining and helps to visualize the end goal (although we try to think one week ahead at most).  Teardown of the existing outer walls is now beginning as can be seen in the last picture although we will keep the shell of the house “intact” for as long as we can to keep out weather and/or unwelcome guests.

On the inside, we continued on with some wall demo, the bathroom is now down to bare walls as well and we spent the better part of Labor Day in the attic to remove insulation.  We want to expose the ceiling joists in the living room for added visual appeal, warmth and some added ceiling height (not much though as the joists are only 2×4’s).  Removing the insulation was pretty tough, it’s hot and dusty up there and there just isn’t a whole lot of room to move so yeah, it kinda sucked.  We did look good in our paper coveralls though!

View from kitchen to living with removed walls (will be all open once studs are removed):


Attic Bootcamp:

PS. See that window on the far side of the attic?  That’s over the living room and we might just have to find a way to expose that as a skylight of sorts 🙂

PPS. I know the images on the blog are stretched, turned or otherwise not where they should be, the admin is working on it 🙂


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