Status – Week 0

With permits in hand, we were ready to get going.  In short, it was demolition time!

Since we haven’t actually posted any pictures of our house yet, let’s have a look at some pictures which will later serve as our before&after reference.

Exterior Front:

Living (currently also marked as second bedroom):



Master Bedroom:

Laundry Room:

Exterior Back:

In our first demo-weekend, we focused mainly on the kitchen.  We had already sold the existing kitchen in its entirety through Craigslist so all that was left was floor and wall demolition.  With the use of a hefty sledgehammer, a brilliant tool called a roofing spade (normally used for removing shingles but works great for plaster and sheetrock as well as nailed down flooring!) and a talented and enthusiastic cleaning crew, this sight marked the end of weekend #1:

On the outside, Mike had gotten started with his crew taking down the mud/laundry room and get ready for excavation:


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