The Design!

Our home has a very small footprint (as do most homes in this area) which we like for various reasons, but at the same time functionality goes a long way and it definitely needed a bit of help in that department.

After playing with some initial thoughts to reconfigure the interior to make spaces more open and cohesive, we quickly decided that that was not going to work for us and so we decided to talk to some contractors and design-build firms to see what the options would be to build out the back part of the house.

We ended up choosing Lasting Nest as our General Contractor and they work as a design-build together with Sage Designs NW.  We all met for a beer and we liked the dynamic and ideas that came up and decided it was a good fit. Bonus is that Lasting Nests’s owner, Mike Vacirca, is local to Ballard and actually lives less than 2 blocks from where we’re currently renting.

So then came the design phase and things got pretty exciting and pretty real very quickly!  This is usually also the stage where you learn that not all your plans and ideas are going to fit in your budget and we had to cancel a few items, I’ll get back to that.

The main objective was to create a second (small) bedroom between the current bedroom and bathroom which meant moving back the master bedroom towards the back of the house and keeping enough space to make both rooms “livable”.  The house is actually marked in the county records as a 2 bed/1 bath but really the second bedroom is now the living room and we’d like to keep it that way to create more living space considering that’s where we’ll spend most of our time.

The second part is to open up the living spaces and make the floorplan better suited for entertaining which, at least in my book, means an open kitchen and clear lines of sight/speech from kitchen to dining to living and vice versa.

With those parameters set, we came up with the following design drawings.

Before (i.e. existing):

And After!

We got our permits with these drawings (we applied for the simple version, known as a STFI – Subject To Field Inspection aka Stiffy) and were ready to get going!

Pretty cool, huh?  Stay tuned for the next posts describing the demo phase!


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